“Hoi An Day in HCMC”: Whe-re the youths find their roots

Monday - 13/02/2012 13:52

A two-day cultural event titled “Hoi An Day in Ho Chi Minh City 2012” just kicked off on February 10, attended by a large number of young people who want to know more about Vietnamese tradition.

Taking place at Dong Ho Garden in District 10, the event is designed to be a small version of Hoi An, introducing to young people the town’s architecture, including pagodas, ancient houses, small streets and lakes with lanterns.

Nguyen Van Dung, chairman of the Hoi An Town People's Council, head of the festival’s organizing board, told Tuoitrenews that within hours after the opening ceremony on the first day, the event welcomed around 4 thousand visitors, mostly young people.

“That number is way beyond what we expected. It’s amazing,” he said. “It also proves Hoi An culture has attracted more and more people, especially the youths.”

Curious to know more about the diversity of Vietnamese culture, local residents joined Hoi An’s young generations, who are living and working in HCMC, to attend the festival.

“Before coming here, I thought that there would be a lot of lanterns since that is the only thing I imagined about Hoi An. But this place goes beyond my imagination.

Hoi An does not have only lanterns, the ancient town is an indispensable piece in Vietnamese traditional cultural mosaic,” My Hanh, a student f-rom HCMC Open University said.

“This is really a good chance for young people like me to get back to our roots and understand more about our country’s traditional values,” she added.


hoi an day

Young visitors take pictures of a model of an ancient house in Hoi An

Also, Xuan Tu, a young spectator living in HCMC also said she is excited joining the festival.

“My uncle, who performs traditional music instruments for the event, told me to come here. Standing here really makes me feel like I’m in Hoi An. It’s very interesting!”, Tu joyfully shared her feeling.

The festival’s culinary space, featuring the city’s specialties; booths offering calligraphy and pottery teaching classes; the stage performing central Vietnam’s traditional music “bai choi”(Bingo-in-huts); and the folk games “breaking pots” booth attract the most young spectators on the first day of the event. The foods even were sold out before 8pm.

Many seniors at the festival were filled with happiness, seeing the young generation eager to learn about traditional values.

“I’m so glad to come here and see many young people following their grandparents, parents to get back to their roots,” Nguyen Thi Hau, a visitor said.

Hau, 54, who was born in Hoi An and now living in Vung Tau, also said the exhibition with photos and models featuring Tran Quy Cap High School recalled memories of her school years.

“The models, they’re so vivid that I can see my beautiful school years through them. I’m deeply touched!” she shared.

hoi an day

A young calligraphist writing Calligraphy for visitors

Also, Vo Quyen, another Tran Quy Cap High School’s alumni, felt the event give him a chance to see his old friends as well as other Hoi An natives.

Not only young Vietnamese but young foreigners were also attracted to “Hoi An Day in Ho Chi Minh City 2012.”

“Interesting! The atmostphere is so nice. What impressed me most is the historical photos about the development process of the city,” he said excitedly.

“But I’m a little bit sad since I come late and have no chance to try the specialties. Foreigners should come to see this event.”

Organized by the Hoi An City’s People’s Committee in collaboration with the Hoi An Fellow Natives in HCMC and the Alumni Association of Tran Quy Cap high school, the event aims to celebrate 40 years of the establishment of the Society of Hoi An Fellow Natives in HCMC as well as to mark the school’s 60th anniversary.

As part of event program, Hoi An City’s authorities will have a meeting with around 100 businesses in HCMC on the last day.

hoi an day

Children are fascinated by animal figurines at the ceramics booth


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