Be c-harmed with Bai Choi night of Hoi An ancient town

Friday - 14/10/2011 14:58

Hoi An shows an old space on the full moon night - the 14th day every lunar with no motorbikes and no artificial lights, all the streets are decorated with colorful traditional lantern. And crowds of local people and foreign tourists flock to the town near the Hoai River to enjoy interesting activities of Bai Choi - a popular kind of folk art in central Vietnam.

No one knows exactly when bai choi appeared. It was dated f-rom 300 - 400 years ago and played during every Spring Festival in Thua Thien Hue Province.
Bài chòi
Bai Choi game (singing while playing cards) is taken place at outdoor area with about 10 thatched huts. Each bai choi includes 30 chess pieces with different names, divided into 10 types of cards which glued on bamboo sticks. After that Bai Choi lost its popularity and was fallen into oblivion until the ancient town of Hoi An was listed as the World Cultural Heritage by UNESCO, Hoi An Culture and Sports Centre restored the cultural playground to preserve and develop the national cultural identity and introduce to domestic and international visitors. Nowadays, the Bai Choi has become familiar to the Hoi an’s people not only on full moon night but also each evening. The game always brings an eventful atmosphere and makes the town more lively. However, Bai Choi still keeps its specific quietness which brings not only the warm breath of the modern life but also the gentle, c-harming and meaningful c-haracteristics of Xu Quang culture.
Soldier- a member of Bai Choi game is introducing about its regulations to players.

Singing Bai Choi is a folk genre of repartee between women and men.

The soldier gives and withdraws cards.

After singing repartee, a card appears and the soldier hangs it at the center position.

Each note sign of cards correspond with one music

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