Archaeological items need to be decoded

Friday - 17/06/2011 08:29

Since 1989, Hoi An Centre of Heritage Conservation and Management co-ordinated with domestic and foreign departments and organizations have carried out lots of researches on archeaology ; tens of thousand items with diversity in types and shapes as well as materials have been discovered.


According to Mr Võ Hồng Việt – staff of Hoi An Centre of Heritage Conservation and Management, the items made us understand thoroughly about history, culture, land and people of Hoi An and we could identify space of Hoi An ancient town in the 16th -17th centuries. Besides, some scientific problems need to be answered such as:  relationship between Sa Huynh culture and Cham culture; location of Hoi An ancient town in Champa period; location of Japanese, Chinese, and Vietnamese towns in the 16th - 18th centuries; establishment of Vietnamese village communities in Hoi An…

Author: QUỐC HẢI


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