Ongoing Quang Nam Festival to feature more exciting events

Wednesday - 26/06/2013 09:10

A program titled “ASEAN and South Korean art convergence”, part of the 2013 Quang Nam Festival, showcased dazzling traditional music performances by art troupes f-rom nine ASEAN countries and South Korea. The festival runs till June 26 and promises more exciting events to come.

The show, which took place at the An Hoi Garden on the evening of June 23, featured stunning traditional dance performances which carried the breaths of each country.

On the same night, a street carnival with the same name, held at the Kazit park and 106 Bach Dang St., also saw the participation of 12 troupes f-rom ASEAN countries, S. Korea and some f-rom the host country.

Along with more art performances to come, a traditional martial arts competition and the Triem Tay orc-hard ecotour will kick off on June 24 and 25 respectively, while the finale of the 2013 Miss Vietnam Ethnic is set to take place on June 26, when the festival concludes.

Hoi An official nabs robber during festival

While directing staff to take care of the security for the re-creation of the early 20th century Hoi An town in the evening of June 21, Nguyen Su, secretary of the Hoi An City’s Party Committee spotted a dubious young man among the crowd on the An Hoi bridge.

Su tailed him and caught him yanking a gold necklace f-rom a female tourist before the police on standby handcuffed him. However, the robber quickly threw the necklace away, which remains nowhe-re to be seen, though Su launched an intensive search for it.

Soon after the bust, the local police also nabbed three other robbers.

Though security is of top priority at the Quang Nam Festival to ensure maximal safety for thousands of tourists and their valuables, on the June 21 night alone, nine robberies and thefts occurred, with tourists’ five gold necklaces, two iPhone 4 phones, and dozens of million dongs in cash stolen.



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