Nguyen Tieu Festival - Hội An 2017

Friday - 10/02/2017 10:06

Nguyen Tieu festival is held on the fisrt full moon day of the lunar new year which has many spiritual meanings to the people of Hội An. It is an opportunity for the local people to express their respect to the ancestors and pray for a peaceful and prosperous new year. This day is also considered as a blessing days when the gods come to bless all the people. With such belief, the people of Hội An always celebrate worshipping ceremony and decorate their house on this occasion.

Many activities will be held from February 10 to 14 by the people’s committee of Hội An city such as: Hội An Legendary Night, Poetry night, Nguyen Tieu ceremony, folk games,..etc.
Especially, during three day of February 12 until 15, the folk music competition will take place at 7pm at Song Hoai square. And, the photography exhibition “A corner of Hội An” will be held from February 10 to 15 with the works of local photographers. 
In addition, the city of Hội An also offers tourists a chance to experience the traditional bingo game of Hội An and pot breaking game at Cẩm Phô communal house and at Nguyễn Thị Minh Khai street on February 12.
Tết Nguyên Tiêu là dịp để người dân và du khách được trải nghiệm nét đẹp văn hóa độc đáo của Hội An, từ đó góp phần bảo tồn và phát huy các giá trị văn hóa dân gian, từng bước phát triển loại hình du lịch tâm linh, tạo nên sức hấp dẫn của di sản thế giới Hội An. Nguyen Tieu Festival enables tourists and the locals experience the unique cultural beauty of Hội An that contribute to the preservation and promotion of cultural values and gradually develop the spiritual tourism of Hội An.
* Contact us:
The Center for Culture and Sports of Hội An city
Address: Sông Hoài square, 1 Cao Hồng Lãnh street, Hội An city
Tel: (0510) 3861327 
Email: ttvhtt@dng.vnn.vn, www.HoiAnWorldHeritage.org.vn; www.HoianAncientTown.vn


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