Nguyen Tieu Festival - Hội An 2017

 10:06 10/02/2017

Nguyen Tieu festival is held on the fisrt full moon day of the lunar new year which has many spiritual meanings to the people of Hội An. It is an opportunity for the local people to express their respect to the ancestors and pray for a peaceful and prosperous new year. This day is also considered as a blessing days when the gods come to bless all the people. With such belief, the people of Hội An always celebrate worshipping ceremony and decorate their house on this occasion.

Cu Lao Cham - a maritime paradise

Cu Lao Cham - a maritime paradise

 08:11 25/12/2010

Vietnam has many islands, yet only one of them is listed in the famous old “silk road” on the east sea. It is Cu Lao Cham or Cham Island, which has been recognised by UNESCO as a world biosphere reserve. Here, tourists can partake in sight-seeing or just enjoy the under-sea beauty.