Event information: "14th Hoi An - Japan cultural exchange and Flower lantern festival - filial devotion, Hoi An 2016"

Tuesday - 02/08/2016 22:08

Hội An-Japan Cultural Exchange has been an annual event since 2003.
After 13 years of organizing, the event has gained the great effect attracting public attention and left a deep impression in the hearts of the participants. Thereby, it has contributed to enhance the mutual understanding and strengthen the friendship between the people of Hoi An and Japan.

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The program of the 14th Hoi An – Japan Cultural Exchange" taking place from 15th to 16th of August includes a wide range of activities. It will bring you  exciting experiences of ethnic cultures of Vietnam and Japan such as fashion and handicraft products exhibition, Japanese calligraphy class, learn how to make lanterns, Origami, coconut leaf folding, Japanese and Vietnames games for children, etc.
In particular, The reappearance of the wedding procession of princess Ngọc Hoa and Japanese trader Araki Sotaro which is a highlight of this program taking place at 4:30pm on August 16th 2016, along with other activities such as dragon dance, sacred dog dance and street art exchange at Japanese Bridge area.
The opening ceremony will be held at 7:30pm on August 15th 2016 at An Hội Sculpture Garden with performances of  Hoi An and Japan. On this occassion, Hội An city will call for “Meet free day for the environment and health”  on August 16th 2016.
In this meaningful event, the city of Hoi An will hold an veggie street food area at An Hoi Sculpture Garden in August 16th 2016, offering many tasty veggie dishes and promising to bring locals and tourists great veggie cuisine experiences.
Taking place in parallel with the 14th Hoi An – Japan cultural exchange is the Flower lantern festival-filial devotion at 6:00 pm on August 16th 2016 at An Hoi Sculpture Garden. This meaningul event aims to remind people of their parents’ merit of giving birth and nurturing.
Furthermore, Hoi An ancient town and Hoai River will be even more shimmering by the light of lanterns. There will be a ceremony of animal release with the involvement of  buddhists, monks and nuns praying for peace. At the end of the event, local people and tourists can join together into an exciting atmosphere of dances and flashmob.
The events of Hoi An – Japan cultural exchange and Flower lantern festival – filial devotion 2016 have great significance in terms of culture and spirit to Hoi An people as well as tourists. In purpose to strengthen the friendly relationship between Hoi An and Japan and raise the awareness of traditional filial piety to local people, these two events do play an important role in promoting the image of Hoi An to tourists.
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