Hoi An at night in my eyes - Let’s saunter around

Hoi An at night in my eyes - Let’s saunter around

 10:50 22/10/2019

It is not by chance that the ancient town of Hoi An was honored as one of the 20 best “night life” in the world, because when the night falls, this place put on the look which is very different, full of passion. In your Vietnam tour 7 days, do not miss the time with twinkle night to saunter around Hoi An old town.


Childhood Japanese lessons in the heart of Hội An city

 09:27 22/06/2017

When the last rays of late afternoon fell on Hội An, lanterns began glitter all over the old town and a free Japanese class opened in an ancient house on Nguyễn Thái Học street.

Nguyen Tieu Festival - Hội An 2017

 10:06 10/02/2017

Nguyen Tieu festival is held on the fisrt full moon day of the lunar new year which has many spiritual meanings to the people of Hội An. It is an opportunity for the local people to express their respect to the ancestors and pray for a peaceful and prosperous new year. This day is also considered as a blessing days when the gods come to bless all the people. With such belief, the people of Hội An always celebrate worshipping ceremony and decorate their house on this occasion.

Walking route of the ancient town

Walking route of the ancient town

 09:36 01/12/2015

The project "The town for pedestrians and primitive vehicles" was put under test on 24 July 2014, however the idea of an ancient town without motorbike engine noise had been hatched since the 90s of the 20th century when the staff of Hoi An Center for Culture and Sports took a survey about the development of the ancient town to plan for tourism development. "The walking town" has been a tourism brand of Hoi An that not only expand space, but also lengthen the timeframe to meet the needs of tourists.