Meat-free day for the environment and health

Monday - 01/08/2016 15:28

In contemporary society, the needs to consume veggie foods, in replacement to meat products, has been becoming a trend all over the world.

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Every year, there are about 55 billion terrestrial and 1,000 billion aquatic animals killed to meet the demands of more than 7 billion human beings. Stock- raising industry emits 18 percent of the greenhouse gas, which is even more than the emissions of all motor-vehicles (14%).  Scientists also point out that, a shift from meat-consuming to veggie consuming will contribute to health improvement, reduce the disease-affection and mortality rate from 10 to 15 percent,  slow the cells’ senescence process, and decrease about 20 to 50 percent the threats of obesity, heart diseases, blood-pressure diseases,  diabetes, cancer, kidney diseases, amnesia, kidney stone, arthritis, hemorrhoid, appendicitis, etc.
Therefore, many cities in the world have passed the regulations  on “Weekly meat-free day” to reduce the negative impacts that stock-raising makes to the environment: Ghent (Belgium), San Francisco, Philadelphia, Los Angeles (USA), etc.
With such negative impacts meat-consuming makes and huge benefits vegetarianism brings, on the occasion of “Hoi An- Japan cultural exchange and Flower lantern festival – filial devotion, Hoi An 2016”, the city of Hoian calls for the community’s and tourists’ supports for “Meat-free day for the environment and health” in August 16th 2016. This activity is to promote the healthy lifestyle and natural environment protection; as well as to raise the awareness of the relations between eating habits, health and the global climate change.
In this meaningful event, the city of Hoi An will hold an veggie street food area at An Hoi Sculpture Garden in August 16th 2016, offering many tasty veggie dishes and promising to bring locals and tourists  great veggie cuisine experiences.
With the target to build up Hoi An’s image as a “Green- Culture- Tourism” city, the call for “Meat-free day for the environment and health” is a realistic, humane activity, contributing to promoting Hoi An to domestic and international tourists.
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