Establish the traditional craft and folk art center of Hoi An

Thursday - 26/11/2015 15:26

Hoi An traditional craft and folk art center is expected to open next week, on the occasion of Vietnam Heritage Day (November 23), at House No. 9 Nguyễn Thái Học st, Minh An ward, Hội An (also known as Phi yen old house).

The ancient house of Phi Yen is 100 years old which was the largest store in Hoi An and so far it has been the handicraft workshop of Hoi An for recent years.
It is also listed in the program to visit  Hoi An Ancient Town.
Visiting the center, tourists can participate in some simple steps of products production and bring the product to their home. Also, tourists can enjoy the rural atmosphere of a mnini Vietnamese village landscapes, folk art activities with artisans.
Hoi An traditional craft and folk art center will be the place for organizing musical events, art exhibitions, handicraft product display,.. and selling special products of ginseng, velvet, cinnamon, bird nests, pepper, honey ...
The exhibition "Harmony and Contrast" is the work of art is most expected in the frame of the opening of Hoi An traditional craft and folk art center.
For the first time there is an exhibition which its subject is only about Hoi An and it takes place in the heart of Hoi An. Ten artists from Hanoi and Hoi An will bring 20 works on familiar materials like oil, pastel, gouache and acrylic on the theme of land and people of Hoi An. The exhibition will open on Nov 22 at House No. 9 Nguyen Thai Hoc st.

Source: Quangnam News


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