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Friday - 18/12/2015 09:53

Hội An, where was known as a bustling trading port, was also the place of cultural exchange of many countries around the world. This land has it own way to accept the changes and make them uniques as its traits.
“Hội An New Year Festival” has become a favorite tourism product of tourists as well as the locals.

This year, Hội An New Year Festival 2016, which will start at 8:30pm on 31 December 2014 at An Hội Sculpture Garden, is expected to leave a deep impression by a chain of interesting events.The program will begin with the opening ceremony of Hội An Lantern Festival 2016, and the award ceremonies of the video contest – The beauty of Hội An and Hội An wedding photo competition afterwards.

In addtion, to recognize the contribution of tourist angencies for the tourism of Hội An, The event of “Honor the best tourist agencies for Hội An, 2015” will happen at the stage. 
On this occasion, Hoài river and An Hội Sculpture Garden will be lightened up by thousands of colorful lanterns. Being harmony with the brilliant space, the charming models in unique collection of Papillon Noir and the beautiful singing voices  will bring enjoyment to audiences.
There will be another performances such as bartending show, break dance, flashmob. At  the great moment of new year’s eve, it’s time to hand in hand and together pray for a peaceful world. After that, tourists and locals can drag their souls into the joy of music, dance and masquerade.
It is sure that the Hội An New Year Festival 2016 will leave an unforgetable impression on the mind of whom are going to join.
Besides, the event “welcome the first tourist group to Hội An Ancient Town 2016” will take place from 9am to 10 am on 01 Jan 2016 at the ancient town. Particularly, in the evening of Jan 1st 2016, the final round of the 1st Quảng Nam music bands festival will start at 7:30pm at An Hội Sculpture Garden.

Contact us:
The Center for Culture and Sports of Hội An city
Add: Sông Hoài Square, 01 Cao Hồng Lãnh st., Hội An city
Tel: (0510) 3861327 or 0905 201 061 (Ms. Minh)
Email: ttvhtt@dng.vnn.vn
www.HoiAnWorldHeritage.org.vn; www.HoianAncientTown.vn


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