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Vietnam among the top countries loved by Digital Nomads globally

 20:45 03/06/2021

With the advantage of owning a long coastline, up to 3,200 kilometers with countless bays, Vietnam has become a favorite destination of many visitors globally.


Crowds returning to Hoi An marks start of post-pandemic period

 16:31 08/06/2020

Located in the central province of Quang Nam, the ancient town of Hoi An has become increasingly bustling after enduring a quiet period during social distancing policies due to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic.

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Event information: charming blue sea, Hội An 2016

 09:23 25/05/2016

Marine tourism has become a highlight of Hội An city getting much more attention of international as well as domestic tourists. Thanks to the stunning beauty of the beach, a range of activities of entertainment and the hospitalty as well as friendliness of the locals, Hội An marine tourism has so far become more and more attractive.

Event information - Hội An New Year Festival

Event information - Hội An New Year Festival

 09:53 18/12/2015

Hội An, where was known as a bustling trading port, was also the place of cultural exchange of many countries around the world. This land has it own way to accept the changes and make them uniques as its traits.
“Hội An New Year Festival” has become a favorite tourism product of tourists as well as the locals.