The Spirit of the Planet: the c-harm of ancient Viet Nam

Wednesday - 01/06/2011 00:18

While waiting for the South America group Cicimeca, the 11th edition of The Spirit of the Planet at the exhibition centre of Chiuduno last Friday presented the traditional music f-rom Eastern Orient with a concert of the Vietnamese group, Nha Bieu Dien Nghe Thuat Go Truyen Hoi An.


The Vietnamese band performed traditional songs, music and dances of Kinh’s ethnic group, showing a synthesis of the cultural heritage of a country which has been re-emerging f-rom the tragedy of a war that lasted for decades. The concert offered stories translated into music, epresentations of everyday life in the rice fields, a contest among four colourful dragons, defy of horses, mythological figures, - and ceremonial dances for guests and visitors. The original sound of typical instruments, like a two-string violin, oriental zithers, harp, a bamboo flute with an intense and deep sound, captured the audience, who covered the band with a round of applause. The dance “Scooping the water in the rice fields” was followed by the performance of “Noter de Berghem”, one of the most beloved songs of Bergamo’s musical tradition. The concert, almost without pauses a part f-rom few seconds for changing outfits, proposed enchanting sonority and melodies, with rhythms and harmonies
which were becoming one with colours, sounds and fascinating choreographies lost in the scented smoke of oriental perfumes softening lights and contrasts. 
At the end of the show, the musicians explained the origins and technics of traditional instruments, and some local artists took the chance to play some of these traditional instruments.
Translated by Angela Giudici

Author: Giancarlo Chiari


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