Hoi An Full Moon Festival

Tuesday - 22/03/2011 10:50

On March 18, 2011, under the light of the full moon, Hoi An becomes one big centre stage whe-re all the locals and tourists come out and participate in reviving the golden days of prosperity and folklore with music, plays & parties.


They shut down the streets in the old town to all motorbikes, so it’s safe to roam around and gaze at the lovely shop fronts full of brightly coloured lanterns. People put paper boats into the water, kept afloat by a little Styrofoam, carrying candles into the darkness. As a result, the old town is lit by candle and multicoloured lanterns, creating a romantic ambiance. Vietnamese people come f-rom all around the country for this special night and you will see so many Vietnamese couples holding hands….

The streets of Hoi An were riddled with massive crowds walking around, and with kids dressed as dragons playing drums. The kids will go in the local shops or restaurants and dance around in Dragon outfits until the shop owner will give them a little money.

On this evening there will be no official events in the framework of the 1st Vietnam International Choir Festival & Competition so the singers f-rom all over can enjoy the Hoi An Full Moon Festival!

Source: www.nytimes.com


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