Hội An joins the Unesco Creative Cities Network in 2023

Wednesday - 01/11/2023 09:18

On October 31, 2023, the UNESCO Creative Cities Network Secretariat has designated Hội An - Vietnam’s next representative as an official member of the UNESCO Creative Cities Network for the field of Crafts and Folk Art. This is the great honor and pride of the people of Hội An in particular, of Quảng Nam and Vietnam in general.

poster cm tpstThe UNESCO Creative Cities Network was created in 2004 to promote cooperation with and among cities that have identified creativity as a strategic factor for sustainable urban development in the economic, social and environmental fields. As of October 2022, the UNESCO Creative Cities Network has 295 member cities from 90 countries and territories, including 59 member cities in the field of Crafts and Folk Art. In 2023, after a strict evaluation process by the Secretariat and member cities on Hội An’s dossier and practical activities, the UNESCO Creative Cities Network Secretariat has announced that Hội An is officially a member of the UNESCO Creative Cities Network.
Crafts and Folk Art are outstanding strengths and fields that Hội An has preserved and promoted effectively in recent times. It currently has 5 traditional craft villages with nearly 50 craft professions including carpentry, pottery, lantern making, coconut/bamboo making, garment making, leather making, etc. Three craft villages and one traditional profession have been recognized as National Intangible Heritages, and two other craft villages are making dossiers to request recognition. The ecosystem of craft villages and communities, as well as the long-standing customs, activities and beliefs of local residents, have contributed to inspiring, forming and nurturing the richness and diversity of multiple folk arts such as boat rowing singing (bả trạo), repartee chants (hò khoan), traditional bingo with singing (Bài Chòi), poems recital, 4 line-singing (hò vè), classical opera (hát Bội), ritual dance, etc. which truly and vividly reflect the socio-cultural characteristics of this land and become an essential part of the spiritual life of Hội An people. Those include the Art of Bài Chòi, which was inscribed in the UNESCO Representative List of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity (2017).
A large number of Hội An residents participate in crafts and folk art activities formally or informally; including three groups, laborers and self-employed engaged in craft production and sales, individual artists and artisans with professional associations who run their creative workshops, entrepreneurs and business operators in crafts and folk art. The city currently has 658 small businesses and 1710 household businesses engaged in crafts and folk art in total. There are an estimated 4000 direct employees earning an average income of USD 3500-4000 per year from crafts and folk art.
Hội An is also a land of strong attraction and inspiration for domestic and international experts, creators, and artists to live and create in a variety of creative types and fields, as well as creative depth and content, making it one of attractive creative spaces in the country.
Joining the UNESCO Creative Cities Network benefits Hội An in terms of positioning its brand, promoting its image in all fields of culture and creativity, attracting investment, and focusing on educational development programs as well as cultural and creative events for sustainable development. Hội An will be able to expand relationships; increase chances for international cooperation; access and absorb experiences and excellent values from international experts, UNESCO, other cities and countries; then apply them flexibly to its unique development model. The resources and strengths of Hội An’s history, culture, nature, and people will also be maximized in the right direction. This is the basis for the city to focus on introducing its images and policies to preserve and develop the cultural field more widely. Furthermore, Hội An can mobilize resources, knowledge, and creativity to focus on crafts and folk art activities, as well as other fields. At the same time, it provides chances for learning, education, and replication of innovative models; as well as creates a foundation for startup activities.
Hội An - a UNESCO Creative City is more than just a title, it is a goal to strive, fulfill commitments, and bring values and benefits to the community. In addition to continuing activities to preserve and promote crafts and folk art; Hội An will have to implement committed initiatives including The Kim Bồng Woodwork Project - Unleashing Creativity, The Creative Young Talents Incubation Project, The Creative Hội An in Digital Space Project; and international initiatives including Hội An International Folk Arts Festival, Hội An International Lantern Festival, Hội An Creative House. In addition; the city will create conditions and promote development and creativity in other fields; connect, exchange, and share experiences with other cities inside and outside the Network; strengthen activities to expand the network, etc.
Becoming an official member of the UNESCO Creative Cities Network is important for the goal of enhancing the status and creating a new and attractive image for Hội An. At the same time, in order to fulfill its commitments to the Network and promote related creative and cultural fields, Hội An city will concretize action plans by implementing the initiatives and connecting its policies.
In that joyful atmosphere, the city will organize a parade at 7:30 a.m., on November 1, 2023, to congratulate Hội An on its designation as a UNESCO Creative City; with the participation of artisans, artists; representatives of agencies, departments, unions, businesses, organizations; and people in the city.
With continuous effort, creativity and progress, from a Heritage city to a UNESCO creative city, Hội An believes it will have strong development and become one of the unique and attractive destinations to attract domestic and international public attention.
The Center for Culture, Sports, Radio and Television; Hội An city
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