Information about the 3rd Hội An lantern festival, 2023 in Wernigerode city, Germany

Friday - 18/08/2023 07:11

Since 2013, Wernigerode city (Germany) and Hội An city (Vietnam) have had a twinning relationship based on a sustainable urban partnership. Wernigerode is known as one of the Harz region's picturesque old towns that are popular for tourist activities. With many environmental, cultural and social similarities, along with the people's affection for Hội An, the two cities have decided to continue coordinating the organization of the 3rd Hội An Lantern Festival 2023 in Wernigerode.

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This Festival will take place in Wernigerode city, Sachsen-Anhalt state, Germany, from August 25 to 27, 2023. This is also one of many activities commemorating the 10th anniversary of the signing of friendship cooperation between the two cities. The houses, stores and squares of Wernigerode city center will be lit by hundreds of exquisitely handcrafted lanterns from Hội An city, bringing a shimmering, fanciful, colorful space to the heart of Wernigerode.
On this occasion, Hội An will also host tourist information stalls; booths introducing craft products and typical handicraft products; and traditional art performances bearing the culture of Hội An, Quảng Nam, Vietnam. There are numerous activities, such as gastronomy, physical training performances, Vietnamese Áo Dài shows, as well as booths introducing Wernigerode information, culture, cuisine, etc. These activities are also Hội An's strengths and the chosen field in which it has applied for membership in the UNESCO Creative Cities Network. Through this Festival, Hội An will be able to introduce and promote its image in the international market, as well as continue to affirm its creative values, cultural interchange and acculturation.
In particular, as part of this series of activities commemorating the 10th anniversary of the establishment of relations, the two cities will hold the Inauguration ceremony of Hội An Garden and put the nameplate of Hội An Bridge in Wernigerode city, while also speeding up the progress of the cooperation project “Eco-Road” in Hội An. These will be great proofs of the two cities' true friendship, which transcends geographical and linguistic differences, etc.
The 3rd Hội An Lantern Festival 2023 in Wernigerode, and commemorative activities organized by the two cities, will continue to develop friendly relations and enhance mutual understanding between the two cities' peoples. This is also an opportunity to promote the culture, tourism and people of Hội An to international friends.
Hội An and Wernigerode have had a twinning relationship for ten years. Many delegations of work and people-to-people exchanges from the two cities visited, exchanged, and established connections during that time. Joint cooperation projects between the two cities have also been promoted, such as the project of installing solar energy systems in Hội An, the project of vocational training for the youth of Hội An to study and work at Wernigerode, exchange activities between Kim Đồng Secondary School (Hội An) and Gerhart Hauptmann Grammar School (Wernigerode), the Hội An Lantern Festival in Wernigerode, the German Beer Festival in Hội An, etc. Especially, Hội An and Wernigerode jointly received the “German National Sustainability Award 2019” for worldwide twinning between German cities and foreign partners.
For more information, please contact: The Center for Culture, Sports, Radio and Television of Hội An city
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