Why the Best Time to Visit Vietnam Is Right Now

Why the Best Time to Visit Vietnam Is Right Now

 10:16 11/07/2017

Let’s say you want an off-the-beaten-path destination, a country where you’ll find an adventure without a lot of hand-holding. Vietnam may very well be your jam. But, wait, you’d rather find a developed country where visitors will feel comfortably taken care of? Again, I’d like to recommend my good friend and colleague Vietnam.

UEFA Euro 2016 logo en

Cheer up euro 2016!

 10:04 09/06/2016

The 15th edition of the UEFA European Championship (EURO-2016) will be held in France from 11 June to 12 July, 2016 with 24 participating teams. It is a big event which gets a lot of attention from football-lovers.

Where to Buy handicraft souvenirs in Hoi An, Vietnam

 11:05 26/12/2014

Hoi An old town – a great tourist city, whe-re you not only come to visit, but also can experience shopping delight with a lot of wonderful shops. More especially what you may not know is that Hoi An has a souvenir shop with ingeniously handmade products made entirely f-rom wood. From rustic piece of wood, the artists have recreated the famous ships in the world f-rom ancient history to modern. Ships are so beautiful and unique that you could not take your eyes away. It has become a meaningful gift of all visitors f-rom 5 continents.

Travel Experiences in Hoi An

Travel Experiences in Hoi An

 14:53 05/07/2011

The best time to visit Hoi An is f-rom February to April. The weather this time is really comfortable and not much rain. Every year has 2 distinct seasons: rainy season ( August - December) and dry season ( January - July).