Where to Buy handicraft souvenirs in Hoi An, Vietnam

Thursday - 25/12/2014 23:05

Hoi An old town – a great tourist city, whe-re you not only come to visit, but also can experience shopping delight with a lot of wonderful shops. More especially what you may not know is that Hoi An has a souvenir shop with ingeniously handmade products made entirely f-rom wood. From rustic piece of wood, the artists have recreated the famous ships in the world f-rom ancient history to modern. Ships are so beautiful and unique that you could not take your eyes away. It has become a meaningful gift of all visitors f-rom 5 continents.

It is located on Tran Phu street – the centre street of Hoi An old town. The Tan Phu Giao souvenir – handicraft is a Hoi An souveniraddress that you should visit. With historic decoration, neat in an open space, you feel like being lost in the trading port of Hoi An of Dang Trong homeland in the 18 – 19 century. The ships moor closely, forming a scene of commodity exchanges, trading with each other. The majority of the ship gifts here are associated with the name and the time of the famous ships in Viet Nam and other countries in the world. The ships are real artwork and lifelike to the smallest detail.
The gifts, the ships here are spectacular and always make visitors enjoy… You will feel as being at home when you see a ship flying your flag in a small corner of Hoi An old town….
hoi an handicraft gifts
The owner of the souvenir shop is Ha Tran, a beautiful girl who is dynamic and hospitable. She is always in the habit of introducing her customers to her souvenir gifts with passion and enthusiasm. She always talks about the artists with an admiration, they meticulously and ingeniously make the gifts, the beautiful ships – accurately to each centimeter.
Although it takes a lot of effort and a long time to cre-ate the gifts, the wooden ships, it only costs a few hundred to a few million (VND), an easy choice for visitors. If you like something very personal for yourself, you can also order your own design and wait a few days for small gifts, a few weeks or months for major, more complex gifts.. and you will be completely satisfied with the gift you choose.
Except for the ships, you also can buy souvenirs such as : wooden planes, bamboo animals…and the other gifts that always appreciated by the tourists for their aesthetics, durability and prices…

You are on a trip in Hoi An, you are wondering about buying souvenir for friends and family…Surely, Tan Phu Giao souvenir – handicraftwould be a practical hint and an interesting address that you should not ignore.
Our contact information is below:
 Tan Phu Giao Co., Ltd
 Add:     145 Tran phu st., Hoi An city, Quang Nam province, Vietnam
 Tel:        (+84) 510 3911 871 - 0902 867 759
 Email:   tvangiao@yahoo.com
 Web:    www.hoiancraftships.com


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