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The best time to visit Hoi An is f-rom February to April. The weather this time is really comfortable and not much rain. Every year has 2 distinct seasons: rainy season ( August - December) and dry season ( January - July).

 Noted Information: 
1. When visiting the ancient town,  you should buy the entrance ticket  at the ticket booths which belong to Hoi An Tourist Guide Office (Phone No: (+84) 510.3862715). With a ticket valid on 24hours, you can visit 5 of  18 sightseeing places.
2. If  there are 8 people,you will be offered an experiened tour guide for 02 hours.

3. Please dress decently. Sleeveless blouse, drawers and over knee skirt or dress are not welcome inside the sightseeing places.
4. You have to be in good appearance and politeness anytime, anywhe-re to keep the beauty of Hoi An ancient town.
5. You should not give gifts to children though it is just small ones (such as: pen, candy, small change,..) Because you can make them a bad habit if doing that.
6. Restaurants and shops are always ready to serve you. You should not  listen to a gobetween or follow them to shopping places. Because you may have to pay them and you even do not know about the things you buy.
7. If you make a first purchase in a day f-rom a shop, you should buy something, no matter how small. By doing this, you will cre-ate the trust to the shop owner that she (he) is going to sell a lot of things at that day.

Entrance ticket Fares :
- Domestic: 80.000vnd
- Oversea: 120.000vnd
Group 8 paxs up: free fee for tour guide (contact us at any ticket booths). 
Ticket is valid on 24 hours/ 05 visited places. 

When ?
The best  time to visit Hoi An is f-rom February to April. The weather this time is really comfortable and not much rain. Every year has 2 distinct seasons: rainy season ( August - December) and dry season ( January - July). There is sometimes cold waves in winter and lasting in short period. Please   up-date  necessary informations before travelling to Hoi An.

If possible, come to Hoi An on  every 14th month in lunar calendar and enjoy Mid-Autumn Festival. On this occasion, you will have a chance to enjoy traditional songs, dance, play traditional games and try wonderful dishes; especially look directly colourful  lanterns over streets. Don’t miss these time!

How to come?
Tourists travel to Hoi An f-rom Da Nang. It takes  30-40minutes to go to Hoi An f-rom Da Nang, by cars or taxis, or private cars. It  costs  200.000 – 250.000 vnd/ one way to be picked up f-rom the airport to Hoi An hotels. 

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How to relax?
Hoi An culture  is influenced by Chinese and Japanese culture. The influence is showed through architecture  of Japanese Brigde, Chinese space in the ancient town, ancient houses and ancestor - worship houses. Tourists could visit the  ancient monuments by  bicycles or walking - a familiar and impressive form of tourism.

Hoi An is not only famous with ancient,  peaceful features and unique architectural style but also with  cheap,  fashionable  made- to- measure clothes and impressive restaurants served with Hoi An specialities. Coming to Hoi An, tourists could own a wardrobe on 1-2 days. Besides, in order to meet the demands of tourists, a lot of restaurants and bars as well as cooking classes are opened in Hoi An.

After one day shopping and discovering the ancient town, you could relax youself  in Cua Dai beach – a beautiful and ideal one, 04 km f-rom Hoi An city.
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In Hoi An, there are a lot of delicious dishes like Cao Lau, white-rose cakes, chicken rice, Cam Nam mixed mussels, la gai cakes, suse cakes, soya-cake, sweet soups, etc….

 You could enjoy the dishes in any restaurant in Hoi An, even in restaurants for foreign tourists with cheap price and good quality.
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Hotels and resorts in Hoi An are located  on 3 main routes: along Cua Dai beach, in Hoi An city and along  roads  connected Hoi An ancient town to beach. Luxury resorts are located right on the beach and others are in the heart of the ancient town. Hotels on streets between the beach and the ancient town are cheaper.

Luxury resorts  provide shuttle bus f-rom the ancient town to the beach and vice versa. Whe-rever  you stay, you could  also visit the ancient town by bicycle, motorbike or taxi and walking.
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In Hoi An, tourists could buy a lot of things for souvenir such as lanterns, silk clothes and scarves, shoes, wooden carved utensils…

Clothes and shoes are ordered and made with your measurement  in  a short time ( 1 day).
Lanterns: look on addresses for  buying lanterns in Hoi An

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In Hoi An there are many tailor shop with all kinds of fabric choices for travelers. Guests can order something and receive it a few hours later, even if travelers really want to make clothes in Hoi An, they can also leave their measurements and address. Then that shop will send the product to the customer's address. In Hoi An, Prices  is not higher than other places.

Art Painting?
On Hoi An streets, they sell many kinds of art painting in diversified materials, teachiques and subjects.

Arts and Crafts?
There are alot of handicraft items: hand embroidery, painting, lanterns, ceramics and wooden products....

Hoi An lanterns are very beautiful.. They are considered as a meaningful gift  to visitors's fiends and family.

You can find a very beautiful Hoi An in the early morning with the unique images of quiet roads, local activities, sellers and buyers..
Also, Discovering Hoi An Night is more interesting with traditional games, folk songs, and local food..Especially at the 14th (lunar calendar), more interesting things is waiting for you to discover.
You will have a chance to take a boat trio along to the Hoai River and enjow traditional music.

Before  travelling, you should prepare  necessary personal  utensils:

  • Swimming suits
  • Hats and umbrellas
  • Sunblock  cream,  insects’ bites  preventing ointments
  • Cameras
  • Cold water


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