Visiting Thanh Ha Pottery Village

Tuesday - 22/05/2012 15:06

Thanh Hà Pottery Village is located in Nam Diêu block, Thanh Hà ward, Hội An city; 3 kilometers from the ancient town of Hội An to the southwest.

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Thanh Hà Pottery Village was formed in the 16th century and continued to thrive along with Hội An commercial port in the next centuries.
Thanh Hà pottery products are made by the master craftsmen with their skillful hands. Besides, they also produce the decorative pottery for architectural works and fine art pottery as well as unique souvenirs for visitors.
Nowadays, the pottery village continues to operate with the traditional techniques and experiences. Therefore, Thanh Hà Pottery Village becomes a "Living Museum", which provides valuable resources for the scientists to study and learn about the traditional pottery village of Vietnam in particular, and Southeast Asia in general.
On December 1 5th, 2014; Thanh Hà pottery was recognized as a "traditional occupation" and Thanh Hà Pottery Village was recognized as a "traditional occupation village" of Quảng Nam province. In particular, on August 27th, 2019, the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism recognized Thanh Hà pottery as National Intangible Cultural Heritage.
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- Enjoy the traditional art performance
- Visit Xuân Mỹ communal house, Nam Diêu temple of the pottery founders.
- Watch pottery-making performances by the artisans.
- Try to be an artisan to make your own pottery.
- Receive a souvenir.

Buy entrance tickets to contribute to preserving the traditional occupation village!

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Hotline: 084 3428888
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