Traditional Occupation Village Thanh Hà Pottery

Thursday - 17/05/2012 07:57

Thanh Hà Pottery village (Hamlet 5, Thanh Hà ward) is located in the Thu Bồn river bank, about 4 km f-rom the west of Hội An downtown. It’s a stop of tourists on the way f-rom the World Cultural Heriatge of Hội An Ancient town to the World Cultural Heriatge of Mỹ Sơn Holyland.

Coming the Thanh Hà pottery village, tourists will visit a traditional occupation village, that is preserved quite authentically with cultural scenery consisting of banian, dock, communal house, spiritual buildings…, and admire skillful and experienced potters who are working diligently day to day to cre-ate products that have high value and typical c-haracteristics. You could find here souvenirs, popular but attractive!

Discovered - Unforseen - Amazing

- Seeing the performances by the local potters.
- Visiting the Xuân Mỹ communal house, the National Historical-Cultural Heritage.
- Visting Nam Diêu Temple of the Pottery Founders. This is also a historic halt-station by the King Minh Mạng.
- Showing your skilful hands.
- Being presented with an animal-shaped whistle.
Get the tickets of sightseeing to contribute to preservating and rehabilitating the traditional occupational village!
Thanh Hà Pottery village, Hội An city
Add: Hamlet 5, Thanh Hà ward, Hội An city.
Tel: (+84) 510.861327

Email: gomthanhha@gmail.com


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