Thanh Ha Pottery Village ticket price to change

Monday - 09/04/2018 00:08

Hoi An City will officially adjust the price of Thanh Ha Pottery Village ticket to 35,000 VND per ticket on May 1st 2018. This price applies to all visitors to the Pottery Village.

In addition to the price change, Thanh Ha Pottery Village will improve the quality of its existing services and tourism landscape, and continue to add new types of services to serve the needs of visitors.
Specifically, when visitors buy tickets to visit Thanh Ha Pottery Village, they will be provided with the following benefits:
- Watching artisans making pottery.
- Experiencing making their own pottery.
- Receiving an animal-shaped whistle as a souvenir.
- Free electric shuttle bus between the parking lot and the village
We look forward to receiving your support and cooperation.


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