Joining hands to preserve Hội An - World Cultural Heritage

Monday - 16/05/2022 06:20

1. On December 4, 1999, UNESCO honored Hội An as a World Cultural Heritage of Humanity for its outstanding universal values. Hội An met UNESCO criteria II and V at that time.

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Criteria (II): Hội An is an outstanding physical manifestation of the combination of cultures over time in an international trading port.
Criteria (V): Hội An is a typical example of a traditional Asian port town preserved in its entirety.
With an area of less than 1.2 km in the center of the ancient town, it has more than 1000 different large and small architectural works of all types of monuments. The complex of architectural monuments is diversified and rich in various types, giving visitors many options for destinations on their sightseeing itinerary, such as communal houses, pagodas, temples, ancient bridges, ancient wells, especially the old houses dating back hundreds of years. 
Fortunately, Hội An was spared the devastation of the two wars against the French and Americans. As a result, the architectural works have been preserved intact over time. The ancestors have left invaluable tourism resources to descendants, attracting both domestic and international tourists to the ancient town of Hội An.
2. When tourists come to visit a land, most of them want to learn about the historical architectural works that have weathered the test of time. To discover Hội An - the once-bustling commercial port, you just need to purchase entrance tickets, request a local guide service at ticket counters located throughout the ancient town, and start your journey to experience the dense cultural and historical relics.
According to the tourism stimulation program of Quảng Nam province and Hội An city; entrance tickets are currently 50% discounted, only VND 60,000/foreigner, VND 40,000/Vietnamese. The value of the entrance ticket is that you will be able to enjoy the scenery of the ancient town as well as the peaceful space of the “streets for pedestrians and rudimentary vehicles”, leisurely walk, enjoy traditional art performances at 66 Bạch Đằng street as well as artistic and cultural programs along the streets of the ancient town at night, listen to traditional orchestral music at 155B Trần Phú street or folk singing class at 106 Bạch Đằng street join in Bài Chòi folk game or can and ring toss game, etc.
Specifically, with entrance tickets, visitors are free to select typical and unique attractions based on their preferences and needs from a total of more than 20 monuments in the attraction system. Works such as old houses, Japanese Covered Bridge, assembly halls, communal houses, and museums are both outstanding attractions and breathtaking check-in sites.  
3. Hội An tourism is evolving toward community-based tourism. Tourism development benefits residents while also growing the local economy. Residents profit directly from tourism revenue.
Purchasing entrance tickets to Hội An contributes to the restoration of the ancient town. The monuments in the heart of the city have been extensively damaged over time owing to rain, wind, storms, and floods, and must be restored with great funding. Up to 75% of ticket revenue is used for restoration work. To preserve the enduring value of the heritage site for future generations, everyone must join hands together and offer their efforts.  In particular, the contribution of visitors is essential and of great value.
Thank you for purchasing entrance tickets and choosing Hội An as your destination on the journey!


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