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Tuesday - 16/11/2021 16:32

Celebrating Vietnam Cultural Heritage Day (23/11),
The 22nd anniversary of UNESCO’s recognition of Hội An Ancient Town as World Cultural Heritage Site (4/12/1999-2021),
The 4th anniversary of UNESCO’s recognition of The art of Bài Chòi in Central Vietnam as Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity (7/12/2017-2021)

On the occasion of the 76th anniversary of Vietnam Cultural Heritage Day (23/11/1945-2021), the 22nd anniversary of UNESCO’s recognition of Hội An Ancient Town as World Cultural Heritage Site (4/12/1999-2021), and the 4th anniversary of UNESCO’s recognition of The art of Bài Chòi in Central Vietnam as Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity (7/12/2017-2021); Hội An city jubilantly organizes many activities to honor the long-standing cultural and historical values, as well as create a recreation and entertainment space for people and tourists.
On November 15, tour guide activities in Hội An city will reopen to the public after being affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. Accordingly, Hội An has planned to ensure tourism safety in the new situation, strictly comply with the requirements of the “Tourism Safety Criteria” in the city, work toward Hội An’s goal of “Green Tourism”, and organize closed tour programs for international tourists who meet all requirements of entry and medical isolation, etc. In addition, the city plans to adorn its urban face, restore order, decorate the general landscape, open monuments, and host cultural and artistic activities in the ancient town and throughout the city.
On December 3, Hội An will hold the inauguration and receiving provincial-level relic recognition certificate of Hội An communal house (Ông Voi communal house). The original communal house is one of the earliest communal houses (from the Lê Dynasty) in Hội An, serving as a location to worship the gods and host the rituals and community activities of the village. Later, Ông Voi communal house served as a site for revolutionary activities, youth union activities, teaching during the anti-American resistance war, and the residence of displaced people due to war. The architecture of Ông Voi communal house was diverse and sophisticated in every detail. In the communal house, many systems of antiques with outstanding artistic value were carved, decorated, and gold painted masterfully. Undergoing many variations of time, and changes in architecture as well as function, now, Ông Voi communal house has been restored to satisfy the religious needs and community activities of the locals, and serve tourists to visit.
At 7 p.m. and 8 p.m. on December 3, at Japanese covered bridge area, the traditional costume performance “Hội An, Memories of Time”, which is a combination of reappearing the daily life of Hội An people and performing traditional costumes on the background of traditional musical instruments will immerse guests in the gentle and peaceful daily life of the ancient Hội An people.  
On December 4, the city will hold the running race “For The World Cultural Heritage of Hội An”, with the participation of a large number of locals, tourists, and foreigners living and working in Hội An. This is also an opportunity for tourists from all over the world to visit the ancient town and participate in exciting activities in traditional occupation villages through the program “Free admission” for all tourists to Hội An on this special day. 
During this time, many other activities, such as art exchange program “Coming to Hội An and listening to Bài Chòi songs”; seminars and workshops; opening ceremony of Hội An prison relic gallery; signing ceremony “Supporting Japanese experts to advise on the project of renovating Japanese covered bridge relic”; photo exhibition; etc. will take place.
On this occasion, Hội An will lower the price of admission to the ancient town and traditional occupation villages by half; as well as organize cultural and artistic activities, attractive events and festivals to meet the amusement demands of locals and tourists. In addition, tourism businesses, lodging facilities, and tourist attractions also offer a slew of promotional packages for tourists.    
These activities both celebrate anniversaries with special significance to the city, contribute to promoting the image of Hội An, raise people’s awareness of the conservation and promotion of heritage values, and develop sustainable tourism in the future. This is also an opportunity to restart tourism activities in the city, promising to provide tourists with fresh perspectives of Hội An.
For more information, please contact: Hội An Center for Cultural Heritage Management and Preservation
- Add.: 10B Trần Hưng Đạo street, Hội An
- Tel.: 0235.3862367
- Email: hoiancmmp@gmail.com
- Website: www.hoianheritage.net, www.hoianworldheritage.org.vn


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