Hội An ancient town welcomes the 6 millionth visitor!

Friday - 28/02/2014 04:08

Mrs. Erika Wilskie (85 years old, German), Studiosus tourist group, is the 6millionth visitor to Hội An ancient town. The celebration takes place at the area in front of Japanese Bridge in Feb 27th, 2014.

Mr. Trương Văn Bay – Vice-chairman of the People’s Committee of Hội An city presents souvenir to
Mrs. Erika Wilskie-the 6 millionth visitor to Hội An
Mrs. Nguyễn Thị Nhung, head of Hội An office of tourist services said that: “Right after being informed the 6millionth entrance ticket turn, we offer free tickets for the Studiosus tourist group. The group were informed about this celebration and they’re also guided to visit the ancient town in more than 1 hour. And then, they stop at Japanese bridge for the draw of finding the 6 millionth visitor.”
Hội An city’s headers take memorable photos with Mrs. Erika Wilskie and Studiosus tourist group
Hội An ancient town started to sell entrance ticket in1985 for each monument. In 1995, it changed to sell the package ticket for visiting the ancient town. Since 1995, there has been 6millions international and domestic visitors.
Being the 6millionth visitor to Hội An ancient town., Mrs. Erika Wilskie’s really excited to share her feeling: “I has retired for several years and traveled a lot, but this is my very first time to Hội An ancient town. I choosed here as my next destination because my relatives has been here several times. They asked me to come at least once in my whole life as it is the land bringing tourist much warm and hospitality. Therefore, I decided to visit Hội An and fortunately, I’m the 6millionth visitor to this town. I am really happy”


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