Incentive tours for visitors to Hoi An

Tuesday - 03/02/2015 09:17

The central city of Hoi An plans to attract around 2 million visitors, including more than 1 million foreigners this year.

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This was announced by the City People’s Committee on January 31. Accordingly, the city will organise a wide range of activities to stimulate tourism on the Lunar New Year, the 40th anniversary of National Reunification, May Day, the 55th anniversary of Vietnam’s tourism sector, the 6th anniversary of Cu Lao Cham being recognized by UNESCO as a World Biosphere Reserve site and on other occasions.

The city will carry out cultural and tourism activities including old quarters’ night, Cu Lao Cham night and cuisine street festival.

Vice Chairman of Hoi An People’s Committee Truong Van Bay asked accommodation units and hotels to offer incentives to lure visitors. He also asked other businesses to actively join tourism promotion programmes.

The city authorities pledged to create the best possible conditions for businesses so that they can provide new and high quality products and services.

Vietnam wins Wanderlust Travel Awards 2015

Vietnam has been named among top 10 must-visit countries in the world by the UK's prestigious magazine Wanderlust.

The Wanderlust Travel Awards 2015 list include New Zealand, Namibia, Ethiopia, Bhutan, Zambia, Oman, Costa Rica, Laos, Myanmar, and Vietnam.

The ancient city of Hoi An was cited in the world's top 10 cities - Luang Prabang, Bagan, Stockholm, Kyoto, Hoi An, Vancouver, Berlin, Rome, Vienna, and Krakow.

Apart from the list of must-visit destinations, readers of Wanderlust magazine also selected their most favourite airlines, airports, and guidebooks.


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