Hội An is the second city listed in top 10 Asian cities

Saturday - 19/10/2013 17:51

Hội An has been listed as the second tourist cities in Asia after Kyoto, Japan.


Readers' Choice Rating: 81.6
Culture: 90
Friendliness: 80.6
Atmosphere: 82.7
Restaurants: 81.5
Lodging: 75.3
Shopping: 60.4
A "beautiful old city full of history," Kyoto is packed with famous temples, shrines and markets that cre-ate a "mixture of modernity and old world Japan." Kyoto is the "best city" because "it has everything," one reader raved. "You will be transported to a different era."

Hội An:
Readers' Choice Rating: 79.9
Culture: 87.3
Friendliness: 84.3
Atmosphere: 90.9
Restaurants: 73.1
Lodging: 80.3
Shopping: 68.4
The atmosphere in this "dynamic" small Vietnamese city launched it to the No. 2 spot; readers fell in love with the "colorful houses and old mansions," which "felt like walking in a movie."

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