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       Hoianians prefer vegetables and seafood (shrimp, crab, fish, clam, squid,etc) to meat. This is true and can be seen in the local dishes of Cao Lau (hard noodle with pork), Pho (noodle with beef), Banh dap (rice paper sandwich), Nuoc mam danh (fish sauce), Mi Quang (noodle with shrimp and/or crab), Tam huu (onion, shrimp, and apiece of pork)...The plenty of dishes is also a uniqueness of Hoi An food and eating.
       Going with the Vietnamese dishes are the Chinese origin dishes: Banh bao (dumping),Luc Tau xa (6 things sweet soup), Xi ma (sesame), Luong phanh (brackish water weed soup), Hoanh thanh (wonthon), Khoai nhuc Phuc Kien (Fujjien dumping with grilled pork), Banhbao banh vac (white rose cake), Com Duong Chau (Cantonese fried rice).
      The local people of Hoi An make drinks for themselves. They are so familiar to everybody: coconut milk, fresh tea leaf, pea with sugar, soya with sugar, rice wine... 


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