Excursion on Thu Bon river

Tuesday - 05/07/2011 03:46

One day excursion on river will help tourists experience special beauty of the river in Quang region. Beautiful colours are cre-ated by sparkling sunlight on river; nets are thrown down and lifted up in fishermen’s excitement; it is with unaffected smiles of children and friendly courtesy of hospitable land “ the meeting place of water, of humans and of culture”


Travelling  along big branch of  lower section of Thu Bon river, tourists could enjoy poetic nature along river banks with green water coconuts, small square fishing-nets, river lives… F-rom Cua Dai estuary, turning back to Cổ Cò river, tourists also come to Bảy Mẫu water coconut forest  - a countryside with people of river lives.

Tourists must to be astonished with simple beauty of countryside in Central region. Not noisy and bustling like in urban but quiet, the beauty inspires tourists profound feelings.

Coming to Hoi An, tourists should  have an excursion on Thu Bon river and experience Hoi An in a very particular outlook .


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