A day in Hoi An

Monday - 23/05/2011 13:35

People know Hoi An City is a world cultural heritage site with ancient houses and an ancient town. To me, spending a day in Hoi An, I find out that the city is worth to visit not only by its ancient cultural and historical works but also by rustic images of craft villages living hard with ups and downs of modern life, embankments which is always bustling with noise of tourists as well as traders, and old streets blanked in shimmering rays of lanterns as well as images of whe-re local people are always gentle and hospitable with a great smile on their faces.


Nowadays, Hoi An has many craft villages such as lanterns, mattresses, wood sculptures, conical hats, embroidery and silver. Along Tran Phu Street, people sell souvenirs in impressive and eye-catching styles.

In addition, travelers who buy tickets to visit the ancient town will be taken to the Hoi An craft village to hear an introduction of some typical traditional crafts and cultural features of Hoi An.

After that, visitors should come to Tra Que vegetable village and join local people to plant some vegetables.

To wrap up a day of discovering the city, travelers should hit the beach to relax in the sea waves under the specific sunlight of the central region and enjoy some seafood.

Although it’s just a day in Hoi An, travelers can harvest treasures of this land and experience many activities. So why not pack a toothbrush and discover Hoi An City.


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