Airline helps World Heritage Site preservation

Wednesday - 23/05/2012 21:26

Asiana Airlines, Korea’s most awarded airline, is extending assistance for the preservation of Unesco World Heritage sites. It has recently become the first Korean company to sign a memorandum of understanding with Unesco for this purpose.

F-rom left: Taeck-Soo Chun, secretary general of the Korean National Commission of Unesco and Young-Doo Yoon, president and chief executive of Asiana Airlines, at the Hoi An Center in Da Nang, Vietnam with flight attendants and guests.

Following its preservation project with Angkor Wat in Cambodia and housing projects for the Aeta in the Philippines, the airline has set its sight on central Vietnam. Asiana has unveiled a grand entrance guidepost at Hoi An Center for Cultural Heritage Management and Preservation in Da Nang, Vietnam. The center preserves the Hoi An Ancient Town, a well-preserved town representing a Southeast Asian trading post of the 19th century; and the My Son Sanctuary, tower temple ruins that embody the religious center of the Champa Kingdom in what is now Vietnam.

Aside f-rom the grand entrance guidepost, Asiana will remodel the Hoi An Tourist Information Center, print information brochures and leaflets in Vietnamese, Korean, and English, and erect 30 solar-powered street lamps. The project aims to develop tourism infrastructure near the sites and help boost the local economy.

“On the 20th anniversary of Korea-Vietnam diplomatic relations, we hope that our initiative contributes to better relations between our two countries, and we plan to continue to expand our preservation efforts as all of humanity must protect our world heritage,” said Young-doo Yoon, Asiana Airlines president and chief executive. He was joined at the event by Taeck-Soo Chun, the Secretary General of the Korean National Commission for Unesco, Nguyen The Hung, the Head of the World Heritage Site Management Center, and Pham Cao Phong, the Secretary General of the Viet Nam National Commission for Unesco.

Asiana Airlines flies three times a week f-rom Incheon International Airport in Korea to Da Nang, Vietnam. The airline flies to Incheon f-rom three points in the Philippines: Manila, Clark and Cebu.


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