A brilliant Hội An in the new year’eve

Tuesday - 05/01/2016 10:57

An vibrant atmosphere and a mixture of various colours was felt and seen on every corner of Hội An Ancient Town. A range of exciting events were held to welcome the new year 2016 with a hope for prosperity.

Starting at 7:30 pm with the opening ceremony of Hội An Lantern Festival, the space of An Hội Sculpture Garden was lightened up. The art arrangement of lanterns named “Lantern town” which was created with 2,500 lanterns by Hội An lantern craftmen, getting attraction of thousands of tourists.

Hội An brightened up in the new year’s eve. Photo: Hà Ngọc.

Happy smiles 

In addition, to recognize the contribution of tourist agencies to the tourism development of Hội An, the event “Honor the best tourist agencies for Hội An 2015” took place at the stage.
The work of “Lantern town”, created with 2,500 lanterns.

The city was eager to welcome the 1.8 millionth international tourist to Quangnam in 2015 – Ms. Mary Kippen Brock, from Australia.
Welcome the 1.8 millionth to Quangnam in 2015. Photo: Hà Ngọc.

Tourists enjoyed drinks after the bartending show.

Although it was raining during the event, tourists still stood under the rain to join.
 An international tourist in raincoat to follow the event program.
Hội An New Year Festival was well-organized with a range of activities such as bartending show, musical show, concert and dance,..
Hà Ngọc
Source: cand.com.vn


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