33 tourists from Australia first enter Hội An Ancient Town in 2016

Monday - 04/01/2016 10:45

In the morning of 1st January 2016 , 33 tourists from Australia became the first people enter Hội An Ancient Town in 2016. They got a warm welcome of the headers of Quảng Nam tourism departments as well as Hội An citizens.

The group was greatly welcomed with a performance of Hội An bingo game, traditional song and dance of welcoming new spring, unicorn dance and other activities such as: learn how to make a lantern, folding coconut leaves, pot breaking game,…
On this occasion, Hội An announced to offer discount policy as a tourism promotion program for the first 10 tourist groups of Indochina Trails Co., Ltd to Hội An in 2016.
"With the goal of sustainable development in terms of integration, Hội An continues to pay more attention to invest and discover the potentials and advantages of culture and ecology to develop tourism industry. The reputation, brand and appeal of Hội An tourism continues to be confirmed. Gross output value of tourism-service and commerce field reached nearly 4,500 billion, up almost 11% compared to 2014, accounting for nearly 68% of production value throughout the city. Hopefully, the first group in the new year will be a positive signal for 2016, Hội An will be a favorite destination of tourists "- Said Mr. Nguyễn Văn Dũng - Chairman of Hội An People’s Committee.
Reportedly, in 2015, Hội An has welcomed 2,150 million visits, an increase of over 22%, of which nearly 1.5 million visitors, up nearly 21%; in particular, the number of tourists to Cham Island reached 372,000 visits, an increase of 60% compared to 2014.

Photos of the first tourist group to Hội An in 2016:
Welcome the group with a unicorn dance

Traditional song and dance of welcoming new spring

 Joy of the new year

With the congratulation of the headers of Quảng Nam province and Hội An city.

Source: www.tienphong.vn


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