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Everyday, there are many in Hoi An to those places so it is very suitable for guests to choose. You should connect with agents in advance or register directly to hotel staffs, cars will come.

By Land
Taxi Mai Linh in Hoi An City. Tel: (+84.510) 3929292
Taxi Faifo in Hoi An City. Tel: (+84.510) 3919191

Public Bus: in Quang Nam, there are many public buses so it is very convinient for guests’ movement. Some popular buses:
Hoi An - Da Nang (and back): with the length of 30 kms, the journey of 40 minutes, there are many buses f-rom 5h30 to 18h00 everyday (each 30 minutes for 1 bus).

Pedicab: this mean of transport is very convenient for guests to visit the ancient town Hoi An and tourist sports within a short distance. If you have a request, please connect directly to the drivers who are usually on streets of Hoi An.

Motors & Bicycles: besides above kinds, you can rent motors or bicycles rightly at staying hotels or renting places in Hoi An with low price for the journey in Hoi An & My Son sanctuary as well as in Quang Nam, Da Nang and Quang Ngai….

Most guests going to Quang Nam or coming f-rom Quang Nam by train must stop at Da Nang or Tam Ky Railway Station. Da Nang Railway Station is a big station with the system of modern facilities. Everyday, there are many domestic trains. If guests are emitted in Hoi An city, they can book tickets in sales agents in Hoi An as well as in hotels whe-re they are staying with the railway station’s fixed price plus a small service fee. Train ticket costs vary according to train types and classes chosen by passengers. Please directly connect (+84.510) 3828488 if you are emitted f-rom Tam Ky.

By Air
Most guests coming or going f-rom Quang Nam by air must land on Da Nang International Airport, some coming f-rom Ho Chi Minh city land on Chu Lai Airport. With the distance of 30 km f-rom Hoi An city and 70 km f-rom Tam Ky city to Da Nang Airport and 25 km f-rom Tam Ky and 80 km f-rom Hoi An to Chu Lai Airport, they easily choose suitable flights for their journeys.
In Hoi An , there are many places for tourists to book and buy tickets.

By River
In Quang Nam, waterway network to tourist sites is very convenient.
F-rom Hoi An to Cham Island, guests can go by high-speed boats emitted at Cua Dai Port with the journey of 20 minutes or going by wooden boats at Bach Dang Port in the center of the ancient town of about 2 hours.

F-rom Hoi An to Kim Bong Carpentry Village, Thanh Ha Pottery Village, Ban Thach Mat Weaving Village, Thuan Tinh Eco- Tourism Zone, Bay Mau Coconut Forest Vestige Zones or My Son Vestige Zone and Tourist Spots along Thu Bon River, Truong Giang River by waterway, guests should rent small boats with the cavity of 20 people because of their easy activity on dry rivers in summer. However, please not to use them in stormy days in case of danger.

Please connect when necessary:
     - Hoi An Tourist Guide Office
       Add: 05 Hoang Dieu St, Hoi An City
      Tel: (+84.510) 3861159


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