Unique “vú nàng” snail Cu Lao Cham island

Friday - 10/06/2011 11:08

Upon each occasion f-rom the mainland to Cu Lao Cham island ( Hoi An Ancient Town) met on the full moon, I’ll be the people you go to the beach offers dishes made f-rom “her breast”snails.(ốc “vú nàng”) By simple moon season “vú nàng” snails appear more.

Not as common as in Con Dao island and Phu Quy island … but “vú nàng” snail specialty Cu Lao Cham island is strange, strangely, for many travelers.Just the name alone, this unique species of snail has led many to curiosity, to find out. Actually, “Vú nàng” are conical snail species differences, the top has a small knob looks like the girl’s breasts puberty, black gray exterior, in glittering pearl.
Because of limited quantities, so people have professional snails immersed in water for hours, used to make light illuminates interstitial stone, using sharp knife split each screw is firmly on the rock. Enjoy a crispy snails, tasted sweet understand the wonders of new people to start snail. Made people sea snail can process her breasts into many dishes, cooked dishes first. Say a little boiling water but do not need, the screws her own breast quitea lot of water, boil enough water to get itself. Snails began on soaked in water to clean out the pot while boiling, open the lid, use chopsticks to mixed snail are cooked, then take out. In an instant the screws began to have her breasts slowly, as flesh turned to yellow, fragrant spreading the ripe snail. This dish is eaten hot with salt and pepper, lemon, gourmet always drinks hand water on snails.
Second dish to be baked, this dish is cooked dishes are equally impressive. According to the people “addicted” seafood specialties, the most delicious dish is”vú nàng” snail are cooked snails when grilled on c-harcoal. Snails up the barbecue going, a few minutes later a small snails out of grill, aroma rises. Her right breast grilled snails cooked to taste new foods, to the fire, the flesh shrivel vigorously pursue difficult or removed. Just apiece of property”vú nàng” snails, a sip of wine, a moment full of shells d-ropped a corner.
Snails her breast salad is full of flavor that people enjoy are hard to forget. Snails sliced meat mixed with pig skin, meat only three, cucumber, laksa leaves, vegetables, basil, crushed roastedpeanuts, fresh lime, chili and fish sauce served with baked girdle cake putting the ginger sauce is great no anything equal.
Not too fat like meat, not so long as oysters, clams, oysters are notas small as a flavor and unforgettable, “vú nàng” are considered snails species on the list of snails you Quang Nam province.


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