Green bean cake

Friday - 17/06/2011 08:33

Cake made of ground green beans in Hoi An ( Green bean cake) has long-standing history. Since the 18th century, green bean cakehad been a precious gift to offer to mandarins. In royal progresses of Minh Mang King to Quang Nam, he was offered the Hoi An top-ranking green bean cakes. Đại Nam nhất thống chí, book II, volume VII, page 397 wrote “ green bean cake made in Hoi An is the best taste”.


          This fame hasn’t been got randomly. Also with green beans, sticky rice and sugar, green bean cake in Hoi An has got specific taste and presentation; differs f-rom other places. The cake here in round or square shape is not too big to enjoy. It is aslo wet green bean cakes but not too friable and soft as Hai Duong cakes.  It is sticky enough not to dissolve in mouth  when it was tried.

Flavour of beans is improved  thank to using some sweet-smelling flour skillfully. With dried geen bean cakes, green bean flour, sticky rice and sugar are blended in reasonable ratio and are casted into nice ones. They are dried on c-harcoal oven to be hard, cripsy and smelling. They become cripsy  in mouth and dissolved in throat when we enjoy. Dried green bean cakes with meat stuffing are really special. It is a Hoi An unique product. It is unfortunate that anyone to Hoi An has no chance to try the casted cakes. They are sweety, fatty, smelling and cripsy. A strange blend is  only thought  and processed by  skillful artisans of gastronomy!

Meat stuffing of the cakes are carefully processed, so they are kept in half to 1 month. Nowadays, the casted cakes are sold  around Hoi An and are loved by tourists. They made traditional gastronomy of the local residents to be honoured.


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