Vibrant nightlife returns to UNESCO-recognised Hoi An

Monday - 13/07/2020 17:46

The Hoi An Centre for Culture, Sports, Radio and Television based in the central province of Quang Nam has resumed all cultural and art activities under the ‘Hoi An By Night’ scheme aimed at popularizing the ancient town’s image through nightlife activities in the post COVID-19 period.

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Visitors to UNESCO-recognised Hoi An will be given the opportunity to savour scenic views of the Old Quarter, enjoy a wide range of cultural activities such as folk games, folk songs, fashion shows featuring traditional costumes of Hoi An, and calligraphy arts.

Most notably, guests will be able to enjoy shopping for souvenirs and taste delicious food in the Old Quarter. Furthermore, Hoi An plans to organise a "Hoi An - Japan cultural exchange" event, highlighting Japan’s tea making art, open services in which to rent antique cars, and a space to try on Vietnamese and Japanese costumes to help visitors gain an insight into their respective cultural values.

An Bang beach in Hoi An city will host a food and music festival on July 18, the first of its kind following the control of the COVID-19 epidemic, to stimulate tourism demand and attract visitors to the city.

The event will help visitors not only enjoy Hoi An specialties but also learn about the importance of the sea, in addition to conveying a message of environmental protection by limiting the use of plastic bags along with the development of community-based tourism, said Le Ngoc Thuan, chairman of the Quang Nam Chefs Association. 



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