Bay Mau nipa forest: Western region inside Hoi An city

Monday - 06/07/2020 18:01

Bay Mau nipa forest is about 3km from Hoi An ancient quarter. It is a well-known ecotourism destination and considered as a miniature Vietnam’s western region inside Hoi An city.


Visitors to Bay Mau nipa forest

Bay Mau nipa forest is the intersection of three rivers, Hoai, Thu Bon and De Vong. Coming to the forest, visitors usually think of a province of the Vietnam’s Western region.

Bay Mau nipa forest from the height

The forest covers a brackish-water area of over 100 hectares. However, its initial area is 7 acres, thus its name’s Bay Mau.


A wharf where visitors start and finish their sight-seeing tour around the nipa forest

To take a sight-seeing tour around the nipa forest, visitors have to use coracles rowed by a local.

Visitors on coracles in Bay Mau nipa forest

The atmosphere in the Bay Mau nipa forest is very fresh and peaceful. Visitors can see it from Cua Dai Bridge. It is a beautiful green picture then.

Shaking coracle – a thrilling game

Visiting the nipa forest, visitors will have chances to enjoy the performances of shaking coracles. Shaking coracles is a thrilling game which is very popular with the young.


Foreign visitors are very interested in visiting the Bay Mau nipa forest.

Besides, visitors can watch the locals’ skilled movements of throwing fish-nets.

Shaking coracle performance



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