Thanh Hà pottery has been recognized as national intangible cultural heritage

Monday - 23/09/2019 14:25

Thanh Hà pottery in Hội An city, Quảng Nam province, has been recognized as national intangible cultural heritage by Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism.

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Foreign visitors are interested in Thanh Hà pottery products.
(Source: baodulich.net.vn)
Thanh Hà pottery village is located on the bank of Thu Bồn - the peaceful and poetic river. Experiencing ups and downs of time and history, Thanh Hà pottery village seemed to be forgotten. However, with the enthusiasm of the village elders and seniors, Thanh Hà pottery is gradually recovered in the development of economy, culture and tourism of Hội An ancient town.
Currently, it has 33 production households with about 80 employees, including 5 outstanding artisans and 1 skilled worker. The product has two kinds: brown earthenware (which is baked with a high fire from 800 to more than 1000 degrees Celsius) and red pottery (which is baked with a low temperature below 300 degrees Celsius).
Nowadays, its products mainly serve local people and tourists with small and sophisticated products. In addition, some products are also manufactured to serve the construction of architecture and the hotel, restaurant...
Annually, on July 10 of Lunar calendar, the anniversary of Thanh Hà pottery has become a special community culture activity of the villagers and tourists.
With these unique values, Mr. Nguyễn Ngọc Thiện, the Minister of Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, has recently signed a certificate in which “Thanh Hà Pottery - Thanh Hà Ward - Hội An City - Quảng Nam Province” is included in the List of national intangible cultural heritage.


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