Cable News Network praises Hoi An as one of Southeast Asia’s most beautiful cities

Tuesday - 09/07/2019 08:33

Hoi An Ancient Town which is meditatively nestled beside Thu Bon poetic river is an attractive destination for many foreign tourists. Recently, Cable News Network praises Hoi An as one of Southeast Asia’s most beautiful cities.

To be recognized by UNESCO as a World Cultural Heritage in 1999, Hoi An Ancient Town was once a bustling international trading port of French, Japanese and Chinese traders,… Undergoing the ups and downs of  history, this old town has ancient beauty and strangely peace.
The old town lived with history
Used to be a bustling trading center from the 16th to the 19th century, Hoi An attracted many merchants from Japan, China, Portugal and France to do business. Until now, the influence of many cultures still exists in life of people here, from shops painted yellow like mustard to traditional eating, folk crafts or coffee drinking culture.

Visitors can feel it clearly in the center area. Tan Ky ancient house has the typical architecture of town houses in Hoi An which bring deeply tradition of Japan, China and Vietnam. In the west of the old town, Japanese covered bridge dating from the 18th century is also the place to visit for many visitors.
Hoi An is also considered one of the most ideal destinations of Vietnam for food lovers.

Referring to Hoi An cuisine, it is not impossible to mention “Banh Mi”
Photo: CNN
Visitors will be ecstatic with the culinary experience here, from street snacks of street vendors to regional specialties at the central market such as Cao Lau, White Rose dumplings (made from shrimp, pork, onion wrapped in transparent rice paper). In addition, crispy Cao Lau - yellow noodles, used with shrimp, pork and raw vegetables - also appear on most of menus at local restaurants.
Referring to Hoi An cuisine, it is not impossible to mention Banh Mi - a dish created by a combination of traditional and modern cuisine. The most delicious and crunchy Banh Mi which have pate, grilled pork, chili sauce and herbs can be easily found in the old town with brands like Madame Phuong, Madam Khanh, or The Banh Mi Queen.
In Hoi An, visitors can freely choose unique high-class souvenirs in every corner, from silk tailoring shops to leather-making shops or coffee roasting plants, craft ceramic stalls , bamboo lantern manufacturer and modern home decor store.
Referring to apparel, stores like Sam Ao Dai, Hung An Cloth Shop or May Bee Tailor will surely make you satisfied with the tailored clothes according to your request.
For more advanced and luxurious experiences, Yaly Couture or A Dong Silk which are specialized in pre-set tailoring apparel will be a reliable choice.

Exquisite seams from Yaly Couture brand
Photo: CNN
Besides, household accessories, such as hand-painted bricks, bamboo furniture, eco-friendly clothes, bedding or bath accessories are always favorite items of many modern young people.
The great beaches

Blue sea and white sand enchant visitors all over the world
Photo: CNN
Hoi An is a town closer to the river than a beach, but those who love the wind and sunshine of the sea can easily go to the beaches when they come here.
My Khe may be the most famous beach but An Bang is the most beautiful beach. Along this peaceful coast, you can experience relax feeling while sitting under the tents with some cold beer and live music.
Another ideal destination is beaches around Son Tra peninsula - a nature reserve about 25 minutes north of My Khe when traveling by car. Here the sea water is very clear and clean.
Paradise of two-wheeled vehicles
Whether you prefer to ride a bike or enjoy the adventures on Vespa, the wide streets of Hoi An are ideal for exploring two-wheeled vehicles.

For rural tours, Vespa Adventures is the best choice for travelers
Photo: CNN
The city has just launched bike-sharing program in early June and most hotels rent bicycles. It is easy to walk around the old town or you can cycle to Cam Nam village, the island on the south of the river to experience the rustic life of the rural people.
For rural tours, Vespa Adventures is the best choice for travelers. Sitting behind Italian scooters dating from the 1960s, these half-day trips will definitely not disappoint you when you discover the Thu Bon river on a small boat, go through a bamboo bridge and look at the green rice fields.

Simple and rustic features of Hoi An rural people. Photo: CNN
Source: kenh 14.vn


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