Hoi An, The Ancient Beauty of Traditional Architecture

Monday - 24/02/2020 09:24

Hoi An Ancient Town, Quang Nam Province, is an ancient town retained almost intact with more than 1000 architectural relics from streets, houses, congresses, communal houses, temples, and wells to the traditional food, the soul of the people here. Especially, Hoian will fascinate tourists by its timeless beauty from little things in the corner of Hoian streets. When traveling to Hoi An, tourists should choose the time from February to April annually because this time is less rainy, and relatively not sunny as summer, but pleasant and airy.

Then, tourists can comfortably visit the beautiful scenery in Hoi An and discover many historical and cultural activities in here. Currently, there are no airports, or terminals in Hoi An. Therefore, tourists can come to Da Nang from airports, or other stations and then travel by land to Hoian through vehicles such as taxi, or bus. From Danang to Hoi An, there are two directions. One is to go along the National Highway 1 about 27km to Vinh Dien street and then turn left 10km. The second route is closer, and more absent, going from Da Nang center via Han River bridge, to Hoi An provincial road about 30km through Marble Mountains.

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Hoi An city is famous for the beauty of traditional architecture, the harmony of houses, walls and roads. Along with the ups and downs of the history, Hoi An ancient town still retains the features of ancient and mossy style in each tile roof, brick, and tree as the idyllic character, and the essence of the local people. The most common type of house is the one- or two-story tubular houses with very narrow width and very long depth. The house is made of high strength and durable materials due to the severe climate features, the two sides have separated brick wall and wooden frame, divided into three compartments with the middle path. Each house in Hoi An ensures the harmony between living space and nature, so in addition to arranging the house into the room, the roof of the house is paved stone and decorated water tanks, or trees. With the unique architecture, the house space in Hoi An is always airy filled with sunlight and harmonized between people and nature.

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Streets in the Hoi An ancient town are laid out along the chessboard with short and beautiful appearances, winding and embracing the houses. Walking through the small and peaceful streets, tourists not only have opportunities enjoy Hoian cuisines but also the special daily life with very peaceful and simple habits. Hoi An’s architectural relics are very rich and beautiful, so this place has always attracted both domestic and foreign tourists to visit. Traveling to Hoi An, tourists will realize that time seems to have stopped here in each roof covered with yin-yang moss, old gray wall tiles, preserved from ancient and survived to this day. Cau Pagoda, also known as Japanese Pagoda located adjacent to Nguyen Thi Minh Khai and Tran Phu streets, is a unique architecture in Hoi An built by Japanese merchants in the middle of the 16th century. The wooden bridge is crossing the creek through Hoai River in the length of 18m covered with yin and yang tile, opposite to Thu Bon river, creating the very peaceful and romantic scene. At the top of the main door is the three Chinese characters, Lai Vien Kieu, meaning the bridge of friends from far away.

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Above the bridge, there is a small shrine in the time of the Tran Dynasty, with the aim to bring happiness to the local people. Over the years, the bridge is also invaluable property chosen as the symbol of Hoi An. In addition, to better understand the life and culture of Hoi An, tourists should visit some famous ancient houses, spiritual and social works such as ancient Duc An, Tan Ky, … or some conferences such as Phúc Kiến, Triều Châu, Quảng Đông … These are beautiful places to experience the featured cultural space in this ancient city. Tan Ky ancient house is an honorary old house became a national heritage and the only place welcomes the Heads of State, domestic and foreign politicians. Ancient house combines Chinese, Japanese and Vietnamese architecture. With the characteristic of tubular architecture of the ancient city, this place consists of two horizontal bars that symbolizes the heaven and earth. Quan Thang ancient house is also one of the most beautiful ancient house in Hoian. The subtle sculpture of this place is performed by Kim Bong carpentry artists in the style of Hoa Ha, China. By time, the old house still stands magnificently as the cultural symbol to imagine the life of ancient business class in Hoian.

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Also, vendors and small shops are another featured characteristic in Hoi An that attracts a lot of tourists to discover. During the trip in Hoi An, tourists can find anything from any corners of Hoi An, for example, if tourists want to enjoy snacks, the food counts or restaurants, and street vendors are always available for them. Also, enjoying tea on the sidewalk Tran Phu street will be undeniable experience for tourists to understand more about a little special culture of Hoi An. Especially, tourists can taste some Hoi An cuisines such as famous Quang Nam noodles, and Cao Lau being considered to be a worth-trial dish when traveling to Hoi An. The main dishes such as chicken rice, of Phuong bread with full of meat, pâté, raw vegetables and fragrant sauce will create the thoroughly sense about the warmth of Hoi An.

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Lantern is also considered as the specialty that cannot be missed when traveling to Hoi An. Tourists can easily see colorful lanterns shaped differently around the street in every house. On the second half of the month, there is another real Hoi An in the tourists’ eyes, the splendid Hoi An with the light of lanterns. Traveling along the Hoai River or sitting in the middle of the small boat, rowing in the middle of the river, gently dropping each lantern, and praying for peace is the traditional habit of Hoian peole. The wonderful light of lanterns, and flowers enhance the beauty of Hoian in the eyes of tourists, becoming the spiritual food of tourists when coming here.

Hoi An, the ancient beauty conquers the heart of tourists when referring to Vietnam. Let’s come to Hoi An and find out its specialties that mask the unique beauty of Hoian.



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