There is a different Hoi An in the “Covid-19 epidemic storm”

Wednesday - 19/02/2020 15:41

It is a fact that in recent days, Hoi An ancient town is “very different” in the eyes of people and tourists during the “corona storm” which is raging in many places.

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These days, Western visitors dominate in Hoi An
These days, the old streets in Hoi An are full of tourists from Europe, also known as “Western guests” and very few visitors from Asia or inland.
Many people in Hoi An liken this ancient city to more than 10 years ago, when Asian guests, especially those from China, had not yet exploded. Hoian streets in these days are very peaceful. Each Western delegation slowly walks to see the streets, not as crowded as before the outbreak of corona virus.
According to many people who have lived in Hoi An for a long time, since the city was recognized by UNESCO as a World Cultural Heritage, the number of visitors from Europe accounts for the majority. About the last 10 years, the number of tourists from Asia, especially from China exploded, so Hoi An was not as peaceful as before.
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During the “corona storm”, there are very few Asian tourists to visit Hoi An
Regardless, many Hoi An people think that many tourists are good but it is accompanied by the hustle, bustle and noise of the old town. No more the elegant beauty of the old streets.
Not only the old town becomes noisy, messy but the areas around Hoi An are no less noisy when guests from Asia enjoy the bustle, especially at Bay Mau Coconut Forest in Cam Thanh Commune.
According to the needs of visitors, many boat owners take guests to visit the coconut forest and bring speakers to sing loudly, so the coconut forest loses its own peaceful and quiet scenery. The government of Cam Thanh commune has confiscated and sanctioned a lot of cases of using speakers in the coconut forest to “sing loudly”.
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Westerners are comfortable to walk and watch the streets of Hoi An
It is a fact that the Covid-19 epidemic makes the tourism industry in Hoi An be difficult. For examples, the number of tourists decreases in comparison to before, many service industries in Hoi An suffer. But there are also people who prefer the lightness and courtesy of Hoi An in these days. The streets are not crowded and Western guests can walk freely.
According to Mr. Nguyen Van Lanh, Head of Culture and Information Department of Hoi An, said that everyday, Hoi An welcomes nearly 4,000 to over 5,000 foreign visitors; in which, the majority are tourists from Europe, America, visitors from Asia and inland are not significant, no guests from China, only Chinese who stay long-term and Chinese workers in Hoi An before.
Regarding the damage to Hoi An tourism caused by the corona epidemic, Mr. Nguyen Van Son, Vice Chairman of Hoi An City, said that the number of visitors to Hoi An has decreased by 10-20%, most of the tours from Asia. Meanwhile, visitors from Europe still maintain, only slightly reduced because European guests booked a few months ago.
The Chairman of Hoi An City also suggested that the units and departments of Hoi An advise to organize a symposium in March 2020 to discuss solutions to recover Hoi An tourism and economy after the epidemic is over.
Talk to reporters, many tourism businesses in Hoi An said that they started to “get hit” because of the Covid-19 epidemic and it will take a long time to restore production and business. “Maybe tourism businesses “die” before the corona virus is destroyed”, said a business.


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