Hội An connects developing trademark of traditional villages with tourism

Friday - 27/11/2015 10:42

In recent years, the tourism industry of Quang Nam as well as Hoi An has thrived, especially after Hoi An city began to focus on investing into traditional villages which is a good way for the villages to "revive" and gradually develop their trademark.

Starting from experience tourism development orientation, the traditional villages of Hoi An such as Thanh Ha Pottery Village, Kim Bong Carpentry Village, Tra Que Vegetable Village, Cam Thanh mat Village.. have been gradually invested and revived to attract more tourists.

In the last ten years, Thanh Ha Pottery Village has welcomed thousands of tourists for visiting and shopping on average per year. Particularly in 2014, the economic value of tourism brang the village about 1.1 billion dong; opening up new opportunities for the locals and actively contributing to revive the village where once seemed to be extinct. Changes have been showed clearly in Tra Que vegetables village and Kim Bong carpentry village since they connected to tourism.Only in the first six months of 2015, the total number of tourists to Tra Que vegetables village has reached more than sixteen thousand visitors, over 300 million dong of revenue. It is also clear to see the same status in other villages such as Hoi An lantern village, Cam Thanh mat village..
In fact, village tourism has been becoming one of the tourism attractions for recent years. To make it better, there is no other way but constantly  improving and diversifying products  associated with the trademark of the village. And Hoi An has been doing it very well.
Nguyên Phương


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