An overview of Hoian’s socio-economic, defence and security status in 2017

Tuesday - 03/04/2018 09:24

In 2017, the Party, authorities and people of Hoi An successfully completed the socio-economic targets and tasks set by the People's Council. The production value in comparision with 2010’s was estimated at 8,653.951 VND, increasing 16.56%; Of which, Tourism-services and commerce sector increased 17.19%; the industry and small industry increased 19.97%; Agriculture increased 2.07%. Per capita income reached 40.97 million VND, increased 4.19 million VND compared to 2016.

1. Economy:
The festivals and events held in 2017 enabled the tourism – services and commerce industry of Hoi An to develop strongly. The total number of visitors reached 3,220,000 (up 21.66%), including 1,780,000 international visitors (up 30,95%), 1,440,000 domestic visitors (up 11.85%); total number of visitors to Hoi An ancient town 2,380,000 (up 28.16%); Total number of visitors to Cham Island reached 407,315. Total number of in home visitors reached 2.15 days per visitor, capacity of room using reached 51% (up 1.7%). Infrastructure and convinient services continue to be invested. The city has mobilized social resources from businesses for festivals, investment and project implementation of the city.
The commercial industry developed stably and and well-met the  shopping demands of the locals. In addition to upgrading the markets, market  arrangement has been paid more attention.
Industry, small industry and construction remain a stable growth, in that mode, manufacturing still plays the leading role, accounting for 86.98% of total value.
Although agriculture and forestry sector faced many difficulties, they still remained its stable base.
2. Planning, urban management, heritage management, resources and environment protection:
The work of urban planning, embellishing and expanding continues to be fostered. The city has selected an overseas consulting agency to adjust its overall planning. The management and construction licensing for in and out area of the ancient town is implemented in accordance with the regulations.
Resources management has been strengthened. In particular, the City has launched the water quality improvement project at Japanese Bridge area, built a wastewater treatment system and put into use the incinerator. The management and conservation of Cham Island Biosphere Reserve continue to be implemented.
3. Culture and society:
Fields of culture, information and sports continue to flourish. The city has not only held traditional festivals, but also concentrated on holding big-scale cultural events, especially the APEC summit week in Hoi An.
The movement of physical training and sports has been promoted with many exciting and practical activities, especially the successful organization of the Sport and Physical Training Grand Festival at the city level.
The medical sector has good changes, the quality of treatment and health services has been improved.
The education and training sector continues to achieve good results, the rate of student enrollment reaches 100%, the quality of education is positively changed; school facilities, teaching and learning facilities has been more invested.
Policies for people with merit and social security are paid more attention. According to the results of the survey in 2017, the city has no longer poor households belong to escaping poverty, 61 poor households (0.28%) belong to social protection. Child protection, child care, gender equality are well implemented; Social evils prevention is better.
4. Defense and local military missions are carried out according to plan. The situation of political security, social order and safety is basically ensured; ensuring the absolute safety of activities and events held in the city.
5. Government administration and administrative reform has been positively changed. The city has focused on directing the consolidation of the organizational structure of the administration in the city and ward. The City Public Administration Center was established and put into operation in early 2018.
Foreign affairs, especially cultural diplomacy, have been further strengthened. The exchange activities are the step by step in depth. The city has met and worked with many international delegations, well-organized and managed delegations and individuals going abroad for work and effectively implemented the signed agreements.


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