Welcome Russian travel agencies and tourists to Hoi An

Monday - 21/05/2012 23:32

On May 12, 2012, at Da Nang international airport, 87 tourists represented to travel agencies in direct flies f-rom Russia were welcomed by leaders of Da Nang city, of Quang Nam province and Hoi An city in cooperated with Anh Duong trading, services, production and export-import Ltd Company. This is the first Russian group among the total 3 direct flies f-rom Russia in order to survey, visit, and stay in Central provinces.

The rest groups would fly to Da Nang on May 15-16, 2012. Each group would stay in Hoi An, Da Nang, Nha Trang, Hue about 12 days.

Russian tourists along Hoai River

In Hoi An, they would participate in surveying and visiting Hoi An ancient town, in excursion on Thu Bon river; visiting occupational villages along this river such as: Tra Nhieu fishing village, Kim Bong carpenter village, Thanh Ha pottery village, Tra Que vegetable village, Cham island; enjoying tourism-culture products: Hoi An legendary night, traditional art performances… Especially, they could enjoy Russian folk dances and folk songs performed by Hoi An artists. 

Author: Tuyết Nhung

Source: www.thanhniennews.com


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