Hoi An lantern festival in Wernigerode

Thursday - 11/07/2019 15:45

Since 2013, Wernigerode city (Federal Republic of Germany) has been twinned with Hoi An city (Viet Nam) based on a sustainable urban partnership. Wernigerode is known as one of the colorful ancient towns which is very famous for tourist activities of Harz region. With many similarities in cultural and social environment, and the esteem of people here for Hoi An, two cities agreed to organize the event Hoi An Lantern Festival in Wernigerode.

From August 23-25, 2019; Wernigerode ancient town will be lit by hundreds of handmade lanterns from Hoi An city. On the colorful market in front of Wernigerode historic city hall, craftsmen, artists and chefs from Hoi An will show their skills. Guests will be invited to experience the wonderful Southeast Asian cuisine with dishes from Viet Nam served by Hoi An original chefs. Artists, singers and musicians from Germany and Viet Nam will perform special performances which are staged for the Lantern Festival.
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In addition, with the support of Wernigerode City’s International Cultural Exchange Organization, experts from two cities will introduce information on projects related to the twinning relationship between two sides, such as economic cooperation among companies; human resource training program for hotels and restaurants; construction and installation of solar power system in Hoi An or exchange program between Gerhart Hauptmann Grammar school in Wernigerode and Kim Dong school in Hoi An and many projects focusing on climate change problem and sustainability.
With the joint cooperation and commitment achieved in the past years, two cities have both received the “German National Sustainability Prize in 2019”.
For further information, please contact:
The Center for Culture-Sports and Radio-Television, Hoi An city
Address: 01 Cao Hong Lanh street, Hoi An city
Tel: (+84)235 3861327
Email: ttvhtt@dng.vnn.vn
Website: www.hoianworldheritage.org.vn


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