Hoi An "Embroidery fashion" and Korean young people

Monday - 30/10/2023 22:09

Recently, artist Nguyễn Quốc Dân's Scrap-recycling Workshop in Cẩm Hà commune, Hội An city, welcomed pupils from Korea in the workshop program “Recycling old items with the art of embroidery”.

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The young people spent interesting hours studying and learning at the Scrap-recycling Workshop.

Korean high school pupils had heard and learned about Mr. Dân's recycling models before. They brought their old items from Korea to the Scrap-recycling Workshop to learn how to recycle and reuse them. They spent days at the Scrap-recycling Workshop visiting, exploring, learning; and had many interesting experiences and discoveries.

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This is a typical example of international exchange, showing the connection of creative activities and spaces in Hội An with the region's creative cities network. Based on what has been accomplished, the connection and relationship will undoubtedly be strengthened in the future when Hội An officially joins the UNESCO Creative Cities Network in the field of Crafts and Folk Art.

The Scrap-recycling Workshop is a place for Mr. Dân and his colleagues to not only work and create but also for vocational training and knowledge transfer about material recycling and environmental protection. Here, he often organizes drawing classes and sessions to learn specialized methods and techniques for those who are interested in the art of recycling and environmental protection.

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A drawing class at the Scrap-recycling Workshop

Hội An Center for Culture, Sports, Radio and Television

Photo: Quoc Dan Nguyen


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