Information about the announcement ceremony “Hội An’s designation to the Unesco creative cities network in 2023”

 08:53 07/12/2023

On October 31, 2023, the UNESCO Creative Cities Network Secretariat designated Hội An - Vietnam’s representative as an official member of the UNESCO Creative Cities Network for the field of Crafts and Folk Art. This is the great honor and pride of the people of Hội An in particular, of Quảng Nam and Vietnam in general.


Hoi An: History and Passion for Street Food

 11:46 23/08/2023

The people of Hoi An love eating out, in particular street food. And this passion for the latter isn't just any random habit, but in fact history-based. In the 16th -19th centuries, Hoi An was one of Asia's primary trading ports. As such, the place was frequently visited by foreign traders from such countries as China, Holland, Portugal, Japan, and practically all over the world. Since these merchants had to eat especially after a whole day of working along the waterside, the locals thought of selling food to these traders without them having to leave their place of business. Thus, the birth of street food.

Event information “Hội An lantern festival” & “Hội An new year festival 2022”

Event information “Hội An lantern festival” & “Hội An new year festival 2022”

 14:15 09/12/2021

The year 2021, a harsh and challenging year, is gradually coming to a conclusion. This is likely to be a year that evokes a wide range of feelings in everyone. In particular, Hội An city has been experiencing ups and downs, with residents working together to prevent the Covid-19 pandemic while also focusing on tourism recovery and socioeconomic development.

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Keep the “good fame” of Hội An

 14:57 22/10/2019

The reward “Asia’s Leading Cultural City Destination 2019” which has just been awarded is a “good fame” of Hội An land and people. It contributes to promote the image of Hội An tourism in particular, Vietnam tourism in general to a large number of tourists in 5 continents.

Diep Dong Nguyen Old House

Diep Dong Nguyen Old House

 09:58 31/07/2012

This house was built in the late 19 century. The ancestors of the owner is a U.S. trader. In particular, the interior decoration were an combination of Vietnames, Chinese and Japanese style.