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Hội An Lunar New Year Festival 2021

Time Activities Venue
22 & 23/1/2021 The 6th Cẩm Hà kumquat festival 2021 Trảng Suối area, Cẩm Hà commune
20:00, 30/01/2021 “Hội An show”
Live broadcast on VTC9
Japanese covered bridge, Hoài river - Hội An
4 - 21/2/2021 Old Tết market Silk Sense Hội An River Resort
5 & 6/2/2021 The contest of Taichi Hội An park
5/2/2021 Tết cake day Hội An park
19:00, 10/2/2021 The contest of vocalists, young vocalist groups and dance groups “Hội An spring colors” An Hội sculpture garden
19:00, 11/2/2021 Traditional singing and dancing of spring welcome Hội An ancient town
22:30, 11/2/2021 Lunar New Year’s Eve Festival 2021 An Hội sculpture garden
00g00, 12/2/2021 Firework performance Sông Hoài square
00:00, 12/2/2021 Bell ringing and drumming The relics, pagodas, assembly halls, schools, etc.
08:00, 16/2/2021 Tree planting festival Trần Quang Khải st.
07:30, 17/2/2021 Boat race Thu Bồn river
08:00, 18/2/2021 Trà Quế Good - crop praying festival Trà Quế vegetable village
08:00, 23/2/2021 Death anniversary of Kim Bồng carpentry village’s founder Tiền Hiền temple, Trung Châu hamlet, Cẩm Kim commune
08:00, 26/2/2021 The God of agriculture worshipping ceremony Thanh Nam block, Cẩm Nam ward
25 - 27/2/2021 Nguyên Tiêu Festival 2021 The ancient town, relics, communal houses, temples, assembly halls, etc.
4 - 11/2/2021 Spring flower festival 2021 Trần Hưng Đạo, Nguyễn Huệ, Hoàng Diệu, Nguyễn Trường Tộ, Thái Phiên, Phạm Hồng Thái (St.)…
11 - 14/2/2021 Bài Chòi folk game An Hội roundabout
07:30, 14/2/2021 Hội An crested bird contest Thanh Hóa library
11 - 18/2/2021 Reappearance of Tết pole The relics, communal houses, temples, family, chapels, agencies, businesses, schools, etc.
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