The carpentry village of Kim Bong

Friday - 24/12/2010 21:44

The carpentry village of Kim Bong is in Cam Kim commune, just on the other side of Hoi An river










Kim Bong village was very famous for its carpentry. Most of the architectural projects in Old Hoi An were constructed by the village natives. Their woodwork is so excellent. Their carvings on the beams, rafter finials, altars, furniture... are incredible. In short, it can be said that what they have done is always beautiful and perfect.

The Kim Bong carpenters now still keep their traditional occupation alive. Many of them turn to make fishing boats for fishermen all over Central Viet Nam whe-reas a lot is eager to repair and restore old buildings of town or make wooden statues, wood carved articles and traditional looking furniture to be sold and exported. 


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